Dealing with depression

As I’ve been mentioning many times on my blog I suffer from depression. This depression has brought me many social anxieties, insecurities and suicidal thoughts.

I’ve found a little solution to my problem that helps me to distract my brain from suicide and depression, and instead focus on yoga practice. I know it might sound lame and kind of basic. However, I must admit that practicing yoga has helped me greatly to get myself thinking of performing poses properly.
In the beginning, yoga was a complete torture for my body. The most basic yoga poses hurt every inch of my muscle because we were stretching so much. Also, holding one pose for a longer time (2 minutes isn’t actually that long, but it seemed like it’s never ending). In the end of my first yoga class I was completely drained, soaking wet from my sweat. That’s when I understood how weak I was.
I didn’t become a fan of yoga overnight, I kind of hated it, but these deep stretches and hardcore body weight exercises kept taking me back on yoga mat. Eventually, after practicing yoga more often, my body got used to the stretches and more difficult poses (obviously…body gets used to anything when you practice something long-term).

This constant learning about my body while practicing yoga puts your mind definitely on focus mode. During the process you simply have no time to feel depressed, you have to dedicate yourself to this journey that you have decided to undertake. Now, I understand this gratitude part that all these yoga teachers/guides have been talking about. I am very grateful to my body of what it’s able to do and how it’s improving with every day.

Just generally talking about active lifestyle, it keeps me still alive and happy. I’m happy to do any kind of physical activity – my favorite workouts are hiking/walking, jumping rope, yoga and I love bodypump classes. In case you don’t know what bodypump is, it’s a barbell workout, but faster version of what you’d be doing on your own in the gym.

I wish there was a job that would be paid just for working out. Actually there is, and it’s called fitness instructor/trainer, but these jobs involve talking to different people, and I don’t enjoy this part.

I’ll just keep dreaming about physically active job, that is well-paid and doesn’t include communicating to people. 🙂

Thanks for coming by and excuse my chaotic writing, I’m also in the process of learning how to express myself in words.

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