Update on my life

Hello hello!

Sorry for being away. I’ve been very busy here because I finally got a job…as a housekeeper (as I’ve dreamt about it).

I like that I don’t really have to interact with the customers. However, it annoys me that I actually do have to talk to them from time to time when I have to do the day cleaning, and it the idea of cleaning in front of them freaks me out.

I’ll try to survive there for a month and will still look for other housekeeping jobs, preferably in a 5 star hotel. I rather have less rooms to clean but clean them very deeply and thoroughly than have 20 rooms in a day to clean. It’s absolutely insane.

Also, I have other news. I will be going to Finland in two weeks to apply for a flight attendant position.
I know you must be thinking “What about your fear for people and generally talking?”.
I’ve always secretly wanted to become a flight attendant especially somewhere abroad. What I like about this job is that it’s very active in every sense – it’s a physically active job, geographically active, active in communication (which I really want to improve about myself…if I want to survive in this life somehow). Besides, I won’t see these passengers ever again – they don’t know me, and I don’t know them. I can easily fake my personality and look confident. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for me to improve my communication skills but it should come with a huge amount of practice….right?

Anyway, I have to do my best at the interview day. I’m looking forward to this day very much, but on the other hand, I’m extremely nervous about the questions I might get and I won’t be able to answer them in a creative or professional way. I really need this job, it would help me out so much. Mostly it would be help me with my mental state and communication skills.

Until then I’ll keep working as a housekeeper and look for different jobs.

Luckily I haven’t had any suicidal thoughts this week, as I was distracted all the time. Although, I’m being very hesitant about current job – all the details to keep on my mind, also figure out how to smoothly lie to my mother, that she wouldn’t know  that I’m working as a full-time housekeeper. These drive me insane.

That’s it from me.

I’ll try to write a new post very soon.


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